Celebrate with Jack as he marks a significant milestone in his journey! It’s been a whole year since he embraced life as a type 1 diabetic, and this special episode is all about honoring the courage, resilience, and triumphs along the way. Join us in wishing Jack a happy diaversary!

Who else can relate to Mike’s midnight struggles with hypoglycemia? At least he found the perfect win-win solution! Pizza and alcohol keep his blood sugar steady, now that’s what we call a delicious victory. Cheers to unconventional remedies! – A one-off though lol

What if the biggest challenge of having type 1 diabetes isn’t managing the condition, but rather trying to make others and yourself understand? Jack’s journey with type 1 diabetes raises curious questions and unseen struggles. Let’s open our hearts and minds to learn more about this misunderstood chronic condition.

Trying to lead Mike to hypo treats is like leading a sleepwalking elephant through a maze. Just when you think he’s getting closer, he takes a detour and ends up crashing out in the front room!

Celebrating another round of listener wins! And guess what? We’ve made some recipes for the upcoming “We Are T1D Recipe Book.” If our cooking is as good as our podcast content, we’re in for a real treat…or maybe just a fire alarm 😂 Stay tuned for some flavorful chaos!

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