Bonus: The Day my cat hijacked my insulin needles

We kick things off with our usual outtakes, featuring some classic “that’s what she said” jokes and a discussion on the England vs. Switzerland game predictions. Spoiler: we were both totally wrong! We also share our thoughts on the upcoming England vs. Netherlands match, complete with some bold predictions.

Next, we delve into a listener story from Megan, the cat girl, who recounts a hilarious and slightly embarrassing incident involving her cat Harry and her insulin needles. It’s a story that will resonate with anyone who’s had their pets mess with their diabetes supplies. We also discuss our own experiences with our mischievous pets and their fascination with our medical supplies.

As always, we wrap up with some light-hearted banter and a reminder to keep sending in your stories. We love hearing from you and sharing your experiences with the T1D community.

  • 00:00 – T1D podcast goes through some of your outtakes this week
  • 03:54 – Michael thinks people don’t eat fruit because they’ve made up a diet
  • 04:43 – Mike goes low and talks about new Lift Glucose Shot Flavours
  • 06:34 – Megan Catgirl shares diabetes story with Mike and Jack
  • 10:11 – Have your cats played with your diabetes supplies or do you just laugh
  • 13:15 – Accidents with an insulin needle
  • 14:17 – No Zoe’s were harmed in the making of this episode
  • 17:42 – Guys, we’ll speak to you on Sunday
  • 18:01 – Rodney: We could start a mic and Jack production company

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