How did WeAreT1D start?

Well the origins of the podcast started on whatsapp messenger.

When Jack became type 1 diabetic, he knew his mate Michael was a diabetic so he would often message him, asking questions and everything. Michael and Jack would talk about struggles, wins and life as a type 1 diabetic.

We thought how blessed we were to have a friend going through the same stuff as us.  Thats when we thought, there are many type 1 diabetics in the world that will relate to what we are saying, or need to hear others are struggling and winning just the same, so lets get them involved.

Who are we?

We are two ordinary guys from London in our 30s living with this chronic illness type 1 diabetes.  Mike/Michael has been diabetic since the age of 10 (diagnosed in 1997 as a child.)  Jack has been diabetic since the age of 30 (diagnosed in 2022 as an adult.)

What do we do?

We have a mission to create more awareness for diabetes, but also to cause an understanding of type 1 diabetes, as the world mainly focus’s on type 2 diabetes as it’s more common.  Only 10% of diabetics in the UK are Type 1.  So we created a podcast so you can understand, learn, relate and enjoy our lives with type 1 diabetes.  We keep it real, as you will learn if/when you listen.

What is our goal?

For type 1 diabetics to not feel alone, accept who they are, and live their lives to the fullest – not every day is a walk in the park (well unless you have to, as your hyper haha) – we understand that and all type 1 diabetics go through the same stuff that you are going through.

In the future plan to raise not only awareness and understand for diabetes, but also we are looking to raise money for diabetic charities.

What is the podcast about?

You’ll have to listen to find out (click here), but lets say its one the most honest, relatable, funny (hopefully) podcast’s out there for Type 1 Diabetes.

Michael McLoughlin


This is Michael or Mike (doesn’t mind either name lol).  Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 10, living in the London Brough of Pinner with his Wife, 3 children and cat (which you may hear on the odd episode).  Designed the website the artwork and can often find him in front of his PC (Real gaming addiction lol)

Jack Scales


This is Jack.  Type 1 diabetic since the age of 30. Living in the London Brough of Hillingdon living with his Wife Zoe.  Jack produced the music for the show and you’ll often find him in a garden somewhere playing with fence panels.