From the roar of the crowd to those intense dodgey looks on the train, watching Arsenal vs Manchester City was a football experience Jack will never forget! And speaking of unforgettable scenes, did anyone else catch that “pathetic diabetic” moment in Power Book IV: Force?

Strike! Mike dominates the bowling alley. But hold on tight because the excitement didn’t stop there…His brilliant wife saw an opportunity and swooped in to steal a win of her own!

Lights, Cameras, and Injections! Mike and Jack are brainstorming their epic type 1 diabetes movie From the moment of diagnoses to hilarious struggles and eventual triumphs – get ready for an emotional AND hilarious rollercoaster ride! This flick will have you laughing so hard your blood sugar might drop 😅 Can’t wait to see it on the big screen! (in 10 years haha!)

Ecstatic to share the amazing gift from Lift Glucose! Stay tuned for their honest review of these delicious treats that provide a power-packed energy boost!

Get ready to feel inspired and emotional! Mike’s motivation quote hits you right in the feels. Prepare to see life from a new perspective as his words take you on an unstoppable journey towards greatness. Brace yourself for this deep dive into pure motivation!

Big news! Listeners win again with your submissions (via instagram and the website, and even Mike’s wife joins the fun! Let’s celebrate together!