In this week’s unmissable episode of We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes, Mike and Jack return with the kind of authenticity and humor that only two Londoners living with T1D can deliver. From the highs and lows of blood sugar levels to the cheeky banter that comes with a hypo, this duo covers it all.

Mike shares a poignant moment of celebration as his father beats cancer, while Jack boasts a triumphant 90% in-range week. They tackle the challenges of cold weather on blood sugar management and the temptations of post-holiday treats, all while maintaining their signature blend of real talk and laughs.

Listeners are in for a treat as they play “Guess the Carbs” with Mike and Jack’s meals, offering a chance to join in on the fun and potentially win some T1D swag. Plus, the pair dive into community struggles and wins, sharing stories that range from hypo mishaps during intimate moments to triumphs over holiday indulgences.

Tune in for a dose of relatability, inspiration, and a reminder that you’re not alone in your T1D journey. Whether you’re looking for advice, a good laugh, or just some company, Mike and Jack have got your back. Don’t miss out on this episode – it’s a heart-warming, gut-busting, and eye-opening rollercoaster that only the We Are T1D podcast can provide.

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