Jack kicks things off with his win of the week – celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary with a weekend full of food, drinks, and live music at Pub in the Park. From enjoying performances by Boyzlife and DJ sets by Vernon Kay and Kimberly Wyatt, to indulging in free samples of gin, ale, and snacks, it’s a festival experience worth recommending.

Mike shares his win of achieving 83% in-range blood sugars for the week, attributing his success to consistent gym sessions and the MyFitnessPal app. The hosts discuss the importance of tracking macros and the benefits of using such apps for managing diabetes.

However, not everything is smooth sailing. Jack recounts a frustrating hospital appointment where he felt unfairly criticised for running his blood sugars “too tight.” Despite achieving 93% in-range, his nurse focused on the 2% lows, leading to a heated exchange. This discussion highlights the importance of constructive feedback and understanding the lived experience of diabetes.

Mike’s struggle this week revolves around resisting the temptation of share bags of crisps and popcorn, while Jack introduces a new hypo treat – honey roasted cashews with cinnamon, discovered at the festival.

The episode wraps up with the ‘Listener Wins’ segment, celebrating the community’s triumphs, from improved in-range percentages to smashing gym sessions and even winning at crazy golf. Whether you’re looking for motivation, a good laugh, or just a sense of connection, this episode has it all.

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