In the first episode of this candid We Are T1D Podcast, join Michael and Jack as they take a deep dive into their personal journeys with Type 1 Diabetes. From the initial shock of diagnosis to the daily nuances of managing their blood sugars, these two Londoners offer an unfiltered glimpse into the life of someone living with T1D. 

Mike and Jack don’t just recount their stories; they bring you into the moment, discussing everything from the peculiarities of old insulin pens to the sudden lows that can hit while working a physically demanding job. They laugh about the quirks of their condition, like how Mike’s kids know to ask him to check his blood sugar when he gets too hyper, and share the struggles, like the fear of going high and the frustration of dealing with unexpected blood sugar spikes after a meal.

This episode is not just about sharing experiences; it’s about community and understanding. Whether you’re newly diagnosed and feeling like a “baby diabetic” or you’ve been managing T1D for decades, there’s something in this conversation for you. Michael and Jack’s banter is not only entertaining but also educational, as they discuss tips for remembering insulin injections and the best low-carb snack choices.

So, whether you’re curious about the impact of a chicken shop feast on your blood sugars or looking for solidarity in the highs and lows of diabetes, tune in to this episode of We Are T1D. It’s a dose of reality served with a side of humor and a reminder that no matter what, you’re not alone on this journey.

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