Mike and Jack take a dive into the lighter side of life with T1D, sharing outtakes, listener interactions, and the quirky challenges of managing diabetes. From ketchup cravings to emergency department visits, the duo keeps the conversation as unpredictable as a blood sugar spike.

Join in as they empathize with Susie’s first hospital trip since diagnosis and debate the merits of different hypo treatments, including the controversial effectiveness of Lucozade post-sugar-change. They tackle the tough stuff too, like gym avoidance and mysterious dietitian advice, all while keeping the mood light with pet antics and food obsessions.

But it’s not just about the struggles. The hosts celebrate your wins, cheering on gym comebacks, in-range triumphs, and the small victories that make managing T1D a bit sweeter. They even get musical, with Mike dropping some bars about his T1D journey, adding a lyrical twist to the diabetes narrative.

Whether you’re here for the tips, the tales, or just to feel less alone in the T1D hustle, Mike and Jack have got you covered. So tune in for a dose of reality, a sprinkle of silliness, and a community that gets it.

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Keep laughing, keep learning, and keep living your best life with Type 1 Diabetes. Catch you on the next one!