In this uproarious midweek episode of We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes, Mike and Jack ditch the script and dive headfirst into the real-life struggles and victories of the T1D community. From spiking sugars to emergency pump changes, the hosts empathize with the daily battles faced by listeners like Louise W. and KChandra, offering encouragement and practical tips to tackle those unpredictable blood sugar levels.

The duo doesn’t shy away from their own mishaps, sharing personal lows (quite literally) and the peculiar perils of heated blankets and dodgy sensors. The laughs are non-stop as Mike and Jack recount outtake-worthy moments, including a hilarious mix-up with a listener’s name that leaves them in stitches.

Amidst the chaos, there’s a heartwarming story from a listener whose nan’s reaction to a blood sugar check leads to an unexpected fainting spell, proving that life with T1D can be as comical as it is challenging.

Celebrating the wins of the week, the episode highlights triumphs over ketones, dance class successes, and even a mouse-catching cat named Harry. And as Jack’s birthday approaches, the hosts remind us that life’s little victories are worth their weight in gold—or in this case, cream eggs and stable nights.

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Join us for a dose of reality, a barrel of laughs, and a community that gets it. Until next time, stay strong, stay connected, and keep laughing through the chaos of T1D.

Stay bold, stay brave, and keep thriving with Type 1 Diabetes.