The duo dives into the challenges of managing T1D while indulging in the joys of life, from a raucous night out to the simple pleasure of a Sunday roast.

Jack recounts his lively experience at the Staying Relevant podcast live, navigating the tricky waters of alcohol-induced hypos with a strategy of “eat now, correct later.” Mike shares his triumph at the bowling alley, proving that even with a hypo mid-game, a pint of beer can be the unlikely hero.

The conversation takes a turn to the daily grind, revealing the sometimes comic, sometimes inconvenient reality of forgetting long-lasting insulin and the domino effect it can have on blood sugars. They also explore the nuances of food and diabetes, from the frustration of eating when you’re not hungry due to a bolus gone awry, to the surprising tactics of sneaking treats into venues using the “diabetes card.”

Listeners are treated to a hearty discussion on food, as Mike and Jack share their culinary adventures and mishaps, with a focus on the impact of fats and proteins on blood sugar levels. They even touch upon the benefits of the new app, Gluroo, which has become a helpful tool in their T1D arsenal.

As a special treat, the episode teases the upcoming launch of We Are T1D merchandise, promising a limited drop of apparel and the much-loved tea mugs!

Celebrating listener wins, from perfect days in range to mastering holiday carb indulgence, the episode is a testament to the T1D community’s resilience and camaraderie.



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