In this special anniversary episode, Mike and Jack celebrate a year of living loud with T1D. They’re not just marking the occasion with a cake (which they may or may not weigh), they’re also inviting you to join in the festivities and reflect on a year of shared experiences, wins, and the occasional struggle.

The duo kicks off with their signature humor, debating the merits of weighing ketchup and the perils of dual phone usage due to CGM sensors. Jack recounts his Italian restaurant adventure and his daring attempt at carb guesstimation, while Mike vents about the treachery of brioche bread and its impact on blood sugar levels.

Amidst the laughs, they delve into the serious side of T1D management, discussing the benefits of a new app, Gluroo, which helps log diabetes data and fosters community support. They celebrate listener wins, from steady glucose levels during illness to managing sugars during massage therapy, and even a cat bringing home an unconventional gift.

The episode wraps with a heartfelt thank you to the global T1D community, acknowledging listeners from all corners of the world for their support and shared journey. Mike and Jack emphasize the importance of laughter, human connection, and the determination to live well with T1D.


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Stay joyful, stay connected, and let’s keep bouncing through life with T1D.