As the clock struck midnight and we welcomed the new year, many of us set resolutions hoping to improve our lives. But for those living with type one diabetes, the turn of the year doesn’t just bring new goals; it brings the continuous challenge of managing a chronic condition. This is the world that Mike and Jack invite us into on the ‘We Are T1D Podcast’.

In their latest episode, these two Londoners share their experiences of navigating the festive season with the added complexity of diabetes. Mike recounts his frustrating New Year’s Day at work, while Jack deals with the antics of his new kitten, Wotsit, which adds a layer of humor and relatability to the episode.

The duo doesn’t shy away from discussing the tough parts of diabetic life with the listeners, including struggles with insulin resistance and the impact of illness on blood sugar levels. They also delve into the technological aspects of diabetes management, comparing fingerprick tests to CGM readings, and the adjustments needed to maintain control.

But it’s not all about the struggles. Mike and Jack celebrate the wins, too. They share the victories of staying in range over the holidays and the sense of achievement that comes with it. The podcast is a blend of real talk, advice, and encouragement, wrapped up with a good dose of British banter.

As you listen to their conversation, you can’t help but feel a part of their community. They remind us that while diabetes is an individual journey, no one has to walk it alone. Whether you’re a fellow type one diabetic, a friend, or family member, or just someone interested in understanding the condition, this episode is a must-listen.

So grab your favorite low-carb snack, settle in, and tune into the ‘We Are T1D Podcast’. It’s a dose of reality, a touch of empathy, and a burst of laughter, all rolled into one. And who knows? You might just find the motivation to tackle your New Year’s resolutions, diabetic or not.

Listen to the episode now and join Mike and Jack as they kick off another year of living boldly with type one diabetes.

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