Just when Mike thought he had a normal cold, along comes COVID to crash the party! At least 50 units of basal are there to help keep him going (Yes 50!!). Here’s to tackling cornavirus one basal at a time!  Who knew surviving a pandemic could boost your wit? Let the laughter therapy begin!

Jack is counting down the days till he can bid farewell to freezing weather and fence duty! No more chilly fingers or frozen toes for this guy – he might still wear his leggings though haha!

Mike and Jack, the diabetic duo are back to old tricks – with more glucose monitoring and less off-key singing (hopefully). Sorry for the serenade but hey, it’s good to be happy, right? Let’s conquer diabetes one laugh at a time! 

Who would of thought a trip to Burger King could be this crazy?!? Mike’s wife and daughter are greeted by a wild diabetic rocking a Libre sensor! Good thing laughter is the best medicine because this unexpected encounter has them in stitches. Who knew fast food adventures could be so entertaining? 

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