Can you imagine experiencing a roller coaster of emotions while learning about diabetes? Brace yourself for laughter and tears as they take you on an emotional journey! 

Can you guess what’s got Mike in stitches this time? Jack tries to explain his week of struggles, but Mike can’t help but tease him! Their banter is too hilarious to miss out on. If you can listen without one giggle at Jack you deserve an award!! haha!!

Mike has discovered the secret to managing his diabetes during these chilly days after weeks of challenges. Find out how he cracked the code in this episode! It might be just what you have been looking for?!

Mike was asked to write a speech! Tune into this episode where he shares his journey – from diagnosis all the way to where he is now. Trust us, it’s an emotional rollercoaster you won’t want to miss! 

Who knew that listener wins could bring out the wild side of our hosts? These guys turned into laughing idiots faster than you can say ‘animal kingdom hypos’. Stay tuned for more unpredictable moments on our show. Let the laughter roar!

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