Jack talks of an old lady collapsing on TV program 999: on the frontline during a hypoglycemic episode, what happens next Mike can’t believe!! A genuinely shocking story!

Do you feel that our perception of diabetes might be all wrong? TV, you’ve got some serious sugar issues when it comes to diabetes! Diabetes isn’t a choice, it’s a reality we face daily. Ignorance won’t change the truth! Maybe a movie would though?

Nightshift and Pain have Mike and Jack feeling like zombies on a rampage!  Good control even at the worst times.

Mike is living in the future with his high-tech timepiece that not only keeps track of hours but ALSO tells him his glucose levels Who needs superhero powers when you have a super-powered watch? Mike is the new diabetic Tony Stark haha!

Our listeners always win and we can’t help but celebrate their amazing support! Thank you for making every moment unique with us!

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