In this episode of We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes, hosts Mike and Jack are back with their signature blend of humor and honesty, tackling everything from the triumphs of diabetes management to the tribulations of tech troubles. Mike kicks off with a heartwarming win of taking back control, boasting disciplined hypo treatment and an active lifestyle that’s got his blood sugars in check. Jack, on the other hand, celebrates a victory with the pharmacy that’s worthy of applause.

The duo doesn’t stop at the wins; they dive into the struggles too. Mike opens up about an offensive email from a weight loss agency that fails to distinguish between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, prompting him to deliver a much-needed education on the differences. Meanwhile, Jack shares his frustration with a sensor that’s been acting up, suspecting that humidity and wet conditions might be the culprits – a discovery that could be a game-changer for fellow T1Ds.


The conversation takes a serious turn as they discuss Diabetes UK’s controversial partnership with Slimming World, questioning the organization’s focus and priorities. But it’s not all heavy; the laughs are plentiful, especially when they consider the absurdity of a planet named George and the legality of swearing in front of a corpse in Texas.


As they wrap up, the hosts reflect on their HbA1c averages, with Mike taking a narrow victory over Jack. They invite listeners to suggest future podcast guests, emphasizing that this show is for the community, by the community.


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