This episode is jam packed with talks of food, yes it’s Jacks favourite thing to talk about.  Well that plus work haha!  Self-Discipline is a major part of Type 1 Diabetes to maintain that blood glucose control.  Type 1 Diabetics can eat what they like, but everything is easier in smaller portions.  Its easier to push small pebbles rather than a big rock.  Carbs are the same for the insulin you inject or fuse.

Guess The Carbs game is coming to a close, it is literally ending this month! so head over to @wearet1d on instagram and get involved for that chance to top the leaderboard to claim an amazon voucher!

New segment Whats The Story includes 2 this week, and should have you laughing at the crazy diabetic scenarios, haha!

Average glucose turns into a boxing match, who will win?

Enjoy this fun episode, totally unscripted (as usual) and full of all the usual laughs, inuendos and more!