In this heartwarming episode of We Are T1D, Mike and Jack sit down with Maria, a familiar voice from the community who always engages with the podcast’s wins and struggles. Maria, a healthcare assistant and a Type 1 diabetic, shares her story of diagnosis, which includes a surprising revelation of fruity breath leading to a DKA diagnosis, and the steep learning curve of managing insulin injections.

As they delve into the intricacies of shift work with T1D, Maria reflects on the challenges and strategies she employs to keep her blood sugars in check amidst the unpredictable routine. The conversation takes a humorous turn with tales of injection mishaps, including the perils of biting off needle caps and more!

Listeners are invited to join the banter as the trio discusses the pros and cons of different CGM sensors, the struggle to keep them adhered during sweaty gym sessions, and the surprising shortage of alcohol swabs that once accompanied the sensors.

Maria also shares her approach to carb counting (or the lack thereof), the importance of considering future activities when dosing insulin, and the therapeutic effect of a well-timed hypo snack. The episode culminates with Maria’s sage advice for those newly diagnosed with T1D, emphasizing the strength of the online community and the wealth of resources available.

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