Jack revels in a rare lazy Sunday, achieving the elusive ‘all day in range’ victory while feasting to his heart’s content. Meanwhile, Mike shares a harrowing night battling ketones and the importance of putting health first, reminding us that sometimes, calling in sick is the only option.

The pair delve into the perplexities of diabetes and driving, discussing an official document that offers a fresh perspective on the ‘5 to drive’ rule. Jack’s discovery prompts a deep dive into the DVLA guidelines, sparking conversation and a call for listener opinions.

From hypo symptoms that sneak up while binging your favorite show, to the stealthy lows that ambush you post-bolus, Mike and Jack share their personal experiences and the lessons learned along the way. They also touch on the benefits of reducing carb intake and the impact of hydration on blood sugar control.

As they venture into the realm of food, Jack teases with tales of culinary exploration, setting the stage for a segment on new recipes and the joy of shared cooking experiences. And let’s not forget the listener wins, celebrating everything from improved A1C levels to mastering McDonald’s without a glucose spike.


Join Mike and Jack as they laugh, commiserate, and navigate the rollercoaster that is Type 1 Diabetes. Their camaraderie is infectious, their insights invaluable, and their spirit unbreakable.


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