Taking care of our mental health is crucial especially when faced with a 24/7, 365 chronic condition like type 1 diabetes, and Mike knows exactly how to hit the reset button! On his holiday, he let go of his diabetes control, indulged in delicious buffets, enjoyed some beers with family, and had a blast go-karting, funfairs, and more! A little break to recharge and come back stronger.

Jack tackles the building site solo, he’s feeling a bit anxious. But you know what? He’s keeping the spirits high and “nailing it” And guess what else? He’s taken up fasting too! No more snack-a-jack moments for him – well for 2 days haha!

Spooky family fun alert! Mike went to a haunted house at Fantasy Island and things got seriously hilarious. Ashleigh’s screams were so loud even the gouls were scared! Blood sugars are rising from this adrenaline-filled Halloween season.

Never underestimate the power of Jack’s discovery! Playing his diabetes card on the building site, he’s reminding us that challenges can be turned into opportunities.

Jack and Mike are hyped for the showdown between boxing champ Tyson Fury and MMA powerhouse Francis Ngannou! Who do you think will knock out the competition?

The Listener Wins never fails to leave Mike and Jack with a smile on their faces! They can’t help but celebrate the amazing moments and memories they bring. From cat emojis to sensor dogs to getting the new grenade bar and more!!

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