KFC, Camden Pride, and Cortisol – The T1D Rollercoaster

Join Jack and Mike for a mix of banter, insightful discussions, and relatable Type 1 Diabetes experiences.

Celebrate Riley’s birthday at Chessington and explore the mystery of morning glucose spikes. Jack recounts his weekend adventures in Camden, tackling hay fever while fencing, while Mike shares his win at an all-you-can-eat pasta and pizza buffet and the predictable effects of KFC on his blood sugar. Discover their weekly blood sugar averages, how heat impacts glucose levels, and their experiences with different types of insulin. Learn about their gym routines, the importance of proper nutrition, and supplements for diabetes management. Celebrate listener wins, from a great nurse appointment to starting a peer support group and achieving impressive time-in-range percentages. The episode wraps up with a fun discussion on superpowers. Tune in for laughs, valuable T1D insights, and relatable stories!

  • 00:00 – Hi, Jack. How are you doing today
  • 00:55 – We went to Chesaton for Riley’s birthday last weekend
  • 03:39 – On one ride, Amber wouldn’t get on
  • 04:43 – Morning glory spikes
  • 06:39 – Hay fever struggles
  • 10:26 – My levels are going higher in the heat
  • 15:08 – Mike had an all you can eat pasta and pizza buffet
  • 19:24 – Camden market
  • 22:25 – Steak and eggs
  • 23:46 – Protein intake and fat intake
  • 26:31 – It’s time for the listener win
  • 31:16 – Make sure you go to your eye screenings
  • 37:27 – If you could have a superpower, what superpower would you have

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