As our hosts battle their simultaneous hypos, Jack serenades us with an impromptu song, and Mike tries to keep up with the banter, we’re reminded that managing diabetes is a shared journey—complete with its ups, downs, and unexpected moments.

They’re celebrating impressive in-range percentages, talking about the perils of kettlebell workouts, and the hilarity that ensues when T1D strikes in the most unlikely of places—like the aisles of Lidl. Listen as they recount a listener’s tale of hypoglycemia-induced confusion and the desperate (but necessary) opening of jelly snakes right off the shelf.

Whether you’re curious about the ‘Susie snakes’ debate or just need a pick-me-up, this episode delivers. And remember, don’t go anywhere without your hypo stash—unless you’re hoping for a Mike sighting at Lidl!

So, join us for this episode full of bloopers, heartfelt stories, and a reminder that even on the toughest days, a little humor goes a long way. Don’t forget to share, rate, and review, and we’ll catch you on the next bank holiday Sunday for more T1D tales and tips. Until then, keep those blood sugars steady and those spirits high!

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  • 00:00 – Wednesday special where we take one of your stories and share it with everybody
  • 02:25 – Jack Cohen takes the piss out of himself with this week’s podcast
  • 05:56 – We’ve got a funny story submitted this week from type one food lover

Stay strong, laugh often, and remember, through every hypo and high, WE ARE T1D!