Listener Laughs, Hypo Mishaps & Crunchy Snacks

This week, the lads are in high spirits, sharing banter that will have you chuckling along. From Mike’s David Attenborough impression to Jack’s Michael Caine quips, the episode kicks off with a laugh.

Diving into the outtakes, the duo discuss everything from hypo snacks to the quirks of managing diabetes. Mike munches on Thai chilli rice snacks, while Jack opts for a rich tea biscuit, leading to a humorous debate on the best hypo treats. The conversation takes a hilarious turn as they share tips on warming up cold insulin, with Mike’s unconventional microwave method getting a firm “do not try this at home” warning.

Mike also supported a CGM in the new Inside Out 2 Movie!!

The episode’s highlight is a listener story from T1D lass, who recounts a hypo mishap involving an omnipod and a laundry basket. Her tale of losing her pod during a hypo-induced frenzy is both relatable and amusing, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of diabetes management.

As always, the episode is filled with laughs, relatable moments, and valuable insights into living with Type 1 Diabetes. Join the conversation and share your stories with the T1D community. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to help others find the podcast.

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