Mike and Jack are back to share their personal victories and hurdles, all while keeping the banter lively and the T1D insights flowing. Join the duo as they celebrate the small wins, like Mike’s commitment to a breadless Feb and Jack’s triumphant return to the boxing ring, reminding us that it’s the little things that can make a big difference in managing Type 1 Diabetes.

But it’s not all smooth sailing; the guys also delve into their struggles, from Mike’s lack of motivation for exercise to Jack’s heartfelt lament over a ketchup-free existence (thanks to a listener-imposed forfeit). They also ponder the mysteries of blood sugar management, from compression lows to the perplexing effects of heated blankets on CGM readings.

Listen in as they discuss the importance of pre-bolusing, the potential of Fiasp, and the ever-elusive motivation for physical activity. Plus, don’t miss their thoughts on DAFNE vs. Bertie courses and the importance of Vitamin D for everyone battling the UK’s gloomy weather.

The episode is packed with relatable anecdotes, and, of course, the ever-popular “Guess the Carbs” segment returns, challenging both hosts and listeners to hone their carb-counting skills.

Whether you’re here for the laughs, the solidarity, or the T1D tips and tricks, this episode has it all. So grab your favorite low-carb snack, and tune in for another dose of real talk and real support with your favourite London lads.

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