We start with some classic outtakes, including a hilarious debate on how to pronounce HbA1c. Is it Hab one c or HBA one c? We finally get there in the end, but not without a lot of laughs.

Our outtakes also feature some classic banter about blood sugar levels, annoying family members, and the joys of dynamic mics. We even touch on the absurdity of calling your HbA1c anything other than your average. What’s your average, bruv?

Next, we dive into this week’s listener story. It’s a bit naughty, so if you’re a child, maybe skip this one. Our anonymous listener shares their experience of starting an OnlyFans during lockdown. The story takes a hilarious turn when a subscriber mistakes their insulin pump for a new type of vibrator. The listener plays along, leading to some very funny misunderstandings.

This episode is packed with laughs, relatable moments, and a reminder that we all deal with ignorance about our chronic condition. 

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Remember, laughter is the best medicine—along with insulin! Until next time, keep those blood sugars steady and your spirits high!