In order to become a better version of ourselves, we must believe in ourselves, be motivated, take control, be disciplined, and drink enough water. Our goal is to help you take control of your diabetes and your life in general. In this episode, you will discover that the simple things in life can make a significant difference to the quality of your life and your mental health. It is a rare week when Jack and Mike have identical blood glucose levels, but it happens! Mike dual wears the Dexcom g7 and Freestyle Libre 2 to find out which is better (blog post on We introduce a brand new segment called What’s The Story, where we share a funny story which is diabetes related. Jack’s discovery, Average Glucose, Diabetic wins and struggles, the listener wins and more are all packed into this amazing podcast episode. Also dont forget to enter the competition guess the carbs @WeAreT1D for a chance to win an amazon gift voucher. Enjoy people!