Tune in to this week’s episode as Mike and Jack share their real-life experiences and valuable insights on how to combat illness. From practical tips to key information, you won’t want to miss out on their knowledge! Stay informed and take charge of your health journey.

Jack is working hard to bring down those stubborn high blood sugar levels. It’s not easy, but he’s determined to keep pushing for better control.

Mike’s day took an unexpected turn when he was sent home from work, as he was ill. But with ketones creeping around the corner what happens next??

Jack’s so scared of getting ill that it’s like he’s living in his own little bubble. And then there’s Mike, who just can’t resist winding him up about it.

PS. Just a heads up! Mike isn’t feeling his best and apologizes for the sniffles and coughs you might hear during this Episode. We appreciate your understanding as he powers through despite being under the weather!

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