Mike and Jack grapple with the ever-evolving challenges of blood sugar management and the unpredictability of life with T1D. From Jack’s triumphant booking of a much-needed holiday to Turkey to Mike’s new trainers for work, the pair celebrate their personal victories, big and small.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing; Jack recounts his battle with a dodgy sensor that kept him on his toes, and Mike faces an unexpected hurdle at work that sends his blood sugars (and his mood) skyrocketing. They candidly share their experiences, reminding us that while diabetes is a constant balancing act, it’s the small wins that keep us going.

The duo also dives into the community’s struggles and wins, offering solidarity and a good laugh. They even throw in a bit of random trivia about London Bridge and kangaroos for good measure.

But the real test comes with the “Guess the Carbs” segment – will they nail the carb counts this time, or will the lasagna and pasties outsmart them? Tune in for an episode that’s as real as it gets, sprinkled with humor, heart, and a hefty dose of British banter.

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