Mike and Jack dive into the highs and lows of their diabetic journeys with their usual blend of humour and candidness. Discussing the challenges of alcohol-induced insulin resistance, this episode is packed with relatable moments and insightful anecdotes.

Jack shares his impressive 91% in-range achievement, while Mike recounts a chaotic bank holiday that left him with a busted nose and a struggle to control his blood sugars. The duo also discusses the importance of understanding your body’s response to different foods and activities, touching on everything from eggs, to eggs, more eggs and salads to the pitfalls of cocktails haha!

They introduce a new segment, “Get It Off Your Chest” where Jack vents about misleading nutritional advice and the frustrations of dealing with uninformed comments about diabetes. The episode wraps up with the popular “Listener Wins” segment, celebrating the community’s triumphs, from hitting milestone steps to managing impressive in-range percentages.

Join us for another episode full of laughs, lessons, and a reminder that no one has to face Type 1 Diabetes alone. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, rate, and review the podcast, and connect with us on Instagram!

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Remember, laughter is the best medicine—along with insulin! Until next time, keep those blood sugars steady and your spirits high!