Strap in for an episode that takes you on an emotional roller coaster through the highs and lows of living with Type 1 Diabetes. Mike and Jack are your candid guides, sharing their personal wins, like Mike’s wrap revelation and Jack’s late-night McDonald’s success, proving that with the right management, even fast food can be on the menu.

But it’s not all victories and happy meals. The duo gets real about the struggles that come with T1D, from emotional turmoil affecting blood sugar levels to the baffling absence of hypo symptoms. They dive into the complexities of managing diabetes amidst life’s chaos, offering both solace and solidarity to anyone who’s had one of those days where nothing seems to go right.

Amidst the heartfelt discussions, there’s plenty of classic Mike and Jack banter, complete with cat antics, gym aspirations, and a sea lion joke that might just have you groaning. And, as always, they tackle the misconceptions surrounding diabetes, calling out social media influencers and discussing the implications of potential school phone bans on diabetic students.

This episode also serves up the “Guess the Carbs” challenge, inviting you to join in and test your counting skills alongside the hosts. So whether you’re here for the deep dives, the laughs, or the community, “We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes” has something for everyone.

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Here’s to finding strength, sharing experiences, and living boldly with Type 1 Diabetes. See you next episode!

Keep fighting the good fight, and remember, you’re not alone in this.