Mike and Jack bring the real talk and real laughs, diving into the world of Type 1 Diabetes with their usual London charm. They remind us that they’re not doctors, just two ordinary blokes sharing their T1D journey to ensure no one feels alone. 

The duo doesn’t shy away from the serious stuff. They discuss the 25 rule for protein and fats, a game-changer for blood sugar management. Jack scores a win with an unexpected extra sensor from Libra, while Mike learns a valuable lesson about split bolusing.

The episode is sprinkled with personal victories, from Zoe’s night-time hypo handling to Amber’s creative low alarm wake-up calls. And don’t miss the new food segment, where the guys share their “demon foods” of the week — kebabs and homemade parmesan chicken that pack a punch.

Listeners chime in with their wins, from improved time in range to starting T1D groups in their cities. It’s all about community, encouragement, and a few laughs along the way.

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Stay connected, stay inspired, and keep laughing through the T1D journey.