In this heart-pounding episode of We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes, Mike and Jack are back with a new linguistic hurdle – can they steer clear of the word “mate” for the entire episode? With the listeners’ vote leading to this verbal gymnastics, the pressure is on. Will they slip up or will they dodge the whoopsie sound effects and the dreaded forfeit?

Jack is charged with the aftermath of last week’s slip, facing a choice between a ketchup-free week or the daunting task of ordering a carbless pizza. The decision? Left in the hands of you, the listeners. Meanwhile, Mike and Jack celebrate their T1D wins, with Jack returning to the boxing ring and Mike gaming with a Fortnite pro.

But the real meat of the episode is Jack’s epic showdown with his GP over a prescription mishap, a saga filled with frustration, determination, and a triumphant retrieval of his much-needed diabetic supplies. Mike, on the other hand, shares the perplexing mystery of his persistent lows, despite a 30-gram carb intake that barely nudges his blood sugar levels.

In a delicious twist, the “Guess the Carbs” segment serves up a roast dinner and barbecue pork steaks, challenging our hosts’ carb-counting prowess. And if you thought that was all, wait until you hear about New Zealand’s eBay auction and Great Britain’s rogue traffic cone hotline in the most random facts segment yet.

Tune in for laughs, solidarity, and a dose of reality as We Are T1D: Type 1 Diabetes continues to bring the T1D community together, one episode at a time. Remember, whether you’re battling with your GP or guessing carbs, you’re not alone in this T1D journey.

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