Get ready for another heartfelt and humorous dive into the world of Type 1 Diabetes with your hosts Mike and Jack on ‘We Are T1D’.

This week, Mike opens up about conquering his fear, while Jack shares his painful run-in with a fence post – a stark reminder of how the little things can make a big impact when you’re not expecting it.

From discussing the mysteries of blood sugar spikes after a seemingly perfect gym session to the joys of carb counting and meal prepping, this episode is packed with real-life stories and insights that resonate with anyone living with T1D. The hosts also tackle the challenges of finding the right footwear for running, the unexpected effects of alcohol on blood sugar levels, and the importance of self-respect in managing diabetes.

Plus, don’t miss the ‘Listener Wins’ segment, where the community shares their triumphs – from impressive in-range percentages to creative ways of recycling insulin viles. It’s a celebration of the small victories that keep us all going.

Whether you’re looking for motivation, a good laugh, or just a sense of connection, tune in to this episode of ‘We Are T1D’ and join the conversation that’s as real as it gets. And remember, you’re not alone in this – WE ARE T1D!

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  • 00:00 – Introduction and disclaimers
  • 02:15 – Mike’s triumph over injection fears
  • 05:34 – Jack’s fence post fiasco and the importance of the little things
  • 09:50 – Blood sugar spikes, gym sessions, and footwear follies
  • 15:30 – Alcohol and blood sugar: a delicate balance
  • 20:45 – Listener Wins: Celebrating the T1D community’s victories
  • 28:00 – The power of self-respect in managing diabetes
  • 32:10 – Meal prepping, carb counting, and the joys of banana bread
  • 37:25 – Wrapping up and a call to action for reviews

Remember, every step forward is a win, and every laugh is a reminder that life with diabetes can be lived to the fullest. Until next Wednesday – keep on thriving!