This week, they’re joined by the multi-talented Jonsel, whose journey with Type 1 Diabetes is as diverse as his career spanning from music to professional football, and even to the silver screen.

Jonsels candid storytelling transports us from his mother’s Type 1 diagnosis to his own, revealing the stark reality of diabetes awareness—or the lack thereof—in the ’90s. He shares the heart-wrenching account of how his budding football career in Turkey was cut short by a misunderstanding of his condition, underscoring the importance of diabetes education and advocacy.

With humor and raw honesty, Jonsel tackles the challenges of Type 1 Diabetes head-on, from dealing with hypos to confronting the misconceptions that surround the condition. His unapologetic attitude and refusal to play the victim card make for an episode that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Be prepared for laughter, tears, and everything in between as Jonsel lays it all out, reminding us that while Type 1 Diabetes might shape our lives, it doesn’t have to define them.

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