Type 1 Dads: Poetic Wins, Gym Gains & Food

This episode kicks off with a heartfelt Father’s Day poem from Mike, celebrating the strength and support of diabetic fathers and their families. Prepare for an emotional start as Mike expresses gratitude to his wife and children for their unwavering support through the daily challenges of T1D.

After the touching tribute, the lads dive into their weekly wins and struggles. Mike shares his success in fine-tuning his correction ratios, while Jack celebrates his return to the gym, feeling rejuvenated and back on track. The duo also discuss the importance of rest and the impact of overworking on mental health, with Jack realising he needs to slow down and listen to his body.

The conversation takes a lighter turn as they chat about their recent food adventures, including a Five Guys mishap and a KFC-induced blood sugar rollercoaster. They also share tips on meal prepping and maintaining a balanced diet while managing diabetes.

As always, the episode is filled with laughs, relatable moments, and valuable insights into living with Type 1 Diabetes. Join the conversation and share your stories with the T1D community. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to help others find the podcast.

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