Join Mike and Jack as they dive into another candid and humour-filled episode of We Are T1D. This week, they discuss the importance of understanding your own body and the frustrations that come with following medical advice that doesn’t always fit their unique lifestyles.

The lads don’t hold back (esp. Jack) as they vent about the highs and lows of living with Type 1 Diabetes, including a hilarious mishap where Jack forgets his gym t-shirt and ends up topless in a yard. They also touch on the mental toll of managing blood sugars and the fear that comes with running high. Jack’s struggle with lantus and the impact of his physically demanding job on his diabetes management takes centre stage, sparking a passionate discussion about the need for personalised treatment plans (He moan’s a lot haha!).

The episode features a new segment, “Get It Off Your Chest” which now has a random jingle, where Mike expresses his frustration with a “comedian” Alex Mitchell’s joke about diabetes on Britain’s Got Talent Final! The guys also share their food adventures, from homemade pasta bolognese to a mouth-watering barbecue, and discuss the unpredictable nature of blood sugar management.

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