Type 1 Wins, Hospital Grins, Banter & Bacon Sandwiches

Mike and Jack kick off with some classic banter, including a surprise intro from Mike’s son, Riley, who hilariously takes over his dad’s hosting duties.

The episode dives straight into their weekly wins and struggles. Jack shares his triumphant hospital appointment, where his dietitian praised his tight glucose control and even noted the podcast’s global success in his medical records. Mike, on the other hand, celebrates no more early shifts at work, allowing him to live a more “normal” life with fewer hypos.

They also discuss their food adventures, including Jack’s homemade burgers and Mike’s bacon sandwich feast on Father’s Day. Jack even gets inspired to try a fried slice and egg for the first time since diagnosis. The lads share some laughs over their quirky eating habits, like Jack’s love for sausages without the roll.

The episode takes a deeper turn as they discuss the importance of sleep for diabetes management and Jack’s struggle with insomnia. They also touch on the significance of maintaining a positive mindset and how it affects their diabetes control.

Also spoke about is James Norton’s CBeebies Story and Inside Out 2 mishaps lol.

Listener engagement is at an all-time high, with shoutouts to Barnaby for making the Great Britain baseball team and Last of the Diabenders for managing hypo-induced anger. The lads read out more listener wins, including Melissa Lindstead’s fearless pizza indulgence and Megan’s love for the bonus episodes.

As always, the episode is filled with laughs, relatable moments, and valuable insights into living with Type 1 Diabetes. Join the conversation and share your stories with the T1D community. Don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe to help others find the podcast.

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