Type 1 Wins, Hospital Grins, Banter & Bacon Sandwiches

Mike and Jack kick off with some classic banter, including a surprise intro from Mike’s son, Riley, who hilariously takes over his dad’s hosting duties. The episode dives straight into their weekly wins and struggles. Jack shares his triumphant…


Listener Laughs, Hypo Mishaps & Crunchy Snacks

This week, the lads are in high spirits, sharing banter that will have you chuckling along. From Mike’s David Attenborough impression to Jack’s Michael Caine quips, the episode kicks off with a laugh. Diving into the outtakes, the duo discuss…


Type 1 Dads: Poetic Wins, Gym Gains & Food

This episode kicks off with a heartfelt Father’s Day poem from Mike, celebrating the strength and support of diabetic fathers and their families. Prepare for an emotional start as Mike expresses gratitude to his wife and children for their unwavering…


Outtakes, Hypo Panics & Jelly Baby Overload

Join Mike and Jack as they share some of your incredible stories and a few of their own hilarious outtakes. Trust us, some of these outtakes are just too good to keep to ourselves. The episode kicks off with some classic banter and a few…


Type 1 Troubles: Jack and his basal

Join Mike and Jack as they dive into another candid and humour-filled episode of We Are T1D. This week, they discuss the importance of understanding your own body and the frustrations that come with following medical advice that doesn’t always fit…


Outtakes, Pumps and OnlyFans Confessions

We start with some classic outtakes, including a hilarious debate on how to pronounce HbA1c. Is it Hab one c or HBA one c? We finally get there in the end, but not without a lot of laughs. Our outtakes also feature some classic banter about blood…


T1D Diabetes Unscripted: Eggs, Cocktails & Life Lessons

Mike and Jack dive into the highs and lows of their diabetic journeys with their usual blend of humour and candidness. Discussing the challenges of alcohol-induced insulin resistance, this episode is packed with relatable moments and insightful…


Midweek Madness: Outtakes and Wedding Day Drama

The episode kicks off with the guys sharing some candid moments, from Jack’s sweet tooth dilemma to Mike’s hypo-induced antics. The outtakes reveal the unfiltered side of living with Type 1 Diabetes, including a surprise appearance by Zoe, who…


Bank Holiday Banter: Festival Fun and Diabetes Rants

Jack kicks things off with his win of the week – celebrating his fifth wedding anniversary with a weekend full of food, drinks, and live music at Pub in the Park. From enjoying performances by Boyzlife and DJ sets by Vernon Kay and Kimberly Wyatt,…


Lidl T1D Problems: Where is Mike??

As our hosts battle their simultaneous hypos, Jack serenades us with an impromptu song, and Mike tries to keep up with the banter, we’re reminded that managing diabetes is a shared journey—complete with its ups, downs, and unexpected moments….